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5 Tips To Ease The Stress Of Kid Schedules

It’s Saturday morning and I feel a mix of emotions as I sit here writing and listening to Spy Kids in the background. My emotions are a mix of calm, anxious, nervous and relieved because my younger son is sick … Continue reading

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The Heroes At Home

Our children are born into a life of so much turmoil. So much change all of the time from new schools to new homes. So much time away from one parent (and in some cases both) from weeks to months. … Continue reading

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5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals

My alarm sang it’s song at 5:15 am and I lay thinking, “Why am I doing this again?” and the answer seemed so simple, because I set a goal for myself and early mornings are apart of making that goal … Continue reading

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Why Connecting Matters

After a year of constantly being on the go it was time for a break.  Not just an afternoon of lying around watching movies kind  of break but the kind where you unplug from life and listen, watch and be … Continue reading

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Cleaning The Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is something we all do.  Most times it is the very first household chore we will do in our home when we move in.  It is also the most labor intense to clean when we move out. … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why MilFamilies Should Use Social Media

In today’s military social media is so important.  It’s our best friend and worst enemy. A forever catch 22… something we can’t live without but can’t always live with.  Since social media seems to be here to stay I’m going … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Building Trust in Your Military Marriage by Judy Davis – The Direction Diva

Early on in my marriage I realized that in a relationship there is nothing more important than trust. Over and over I saw that the couples who built trust slowly over time through their actions are the ones who are … Continue reading

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