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A Time Of Reflection

This year Thanksgiving dinner is on me. I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner! The smell of stuffing and pies wafting in the air makes my home feel warm and welcoming. I remember the first time I cooked a Thanksgiving turkey. I … Continue reading

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Why Connecting Matters

After a year of constantly being on the go it was time for a break.  Not just an afternoon of lying around watching movies kind  of break but the kind where you unplug from life and listen, watch and be … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why MilFamilies Should Use Social Media

In today’s military social media is so important.  It’s our best friend and worst enemy. A forever catch 22… something we can’t live without but can’t always live with.  Since social media seems to be here to stay I’m going … Continue reading

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Happy July 4th!

In our house federal holidays just sort of come and go without much of a celebration at all.  This is because of the job my husband does for the Navy.  Sometimes the kids and I go to the concert and … Continue reading

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Dos and Don’ts For The “Wait”

The time has come to start the “wait”.   The emotional roller coaster no one likes being on.  Sometimes it’s long and sometimes it’s short but it’s always the same.  You think, “I’ve got this!” and then the next moment, … Continue reading

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To My Boys

Dear Boys, It is April and while your little brains are focused on school, friends, Mindcraft, food and more food my mind is focused on you.  For this month the Military honors you by dedicating this whole month to you, … Continue reading

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Tips For The Ever Looming Deployment

Time is passing and passing fast and with it time brings us one day closer to my husband’s deployment.  As we are preparing my emotions are whirling inside me. One day I’m looking forward to the time alone and the … Continue reading

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