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A Time For Change

Dear Reader, Over the course of the last two years I have filled this blog with many tips, ideas and resources to help you live a happy and successful military life. The initial intent of Tips From The Homefront was … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Building Trust in Your Military Marriage by Judy Davis – The Direction Diva

Early on in my marriage I realized that in a relationship there is nothing more important than trust. Over and over I saw that the couples who built trust slowly over time through their actions are the ones who are … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: TRICARE Knowledge

TRICARE, oh TRICARE, you appear to be this impenetrable fortress of confusion; because you are.  You are confusing, overwhelming, hard to keep up with, and complicated.  There are regions, health care plans (Prime versus Standard), changing polices, and well the … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: The Reality Behind Job-Searching for Military Spouses

Military spouses know that navigating the challenges that military life brings is no easy task. It may not seem fair that you function as both Mom and Dad while your spouse is deployed and it is often up to you … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Living The Most Lavish Military Life Possible

Since the media has decided to write about how we live a lavish life in the military and it seems like military spouses are struggling to see how it’s possible, I thought I’d help them do that.  This is after … Continue reading

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Another Open Letter To Congress

Dear Congress, My son is crying…. He is crying because we moved him from the only school he knew and put him in a new one thousands of miles away.  He’s struggling to fit in and get good grades.  He’s … Continue reading

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Tax Time Tips

Well, it’s tax time (and Mardi Gras but we won’t talk about that… sigh) and the posts and tweets about W’s are being posted with full force.  Everyone is anxious to get them done and out of the way but, … Continue reading

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