A Time Of Reflection

free-thanksgiving-subway-art-printable-free-thanksgiving-printableThis year Thanksgiving dinner is on me. I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner! The smell of stuffing and pies wafting in the air makes my home feel warm and welcoming.

I remember the first time I cooked a Thanksgiving turkey. I was pregnant with our first son. My parents drove through the night to be at our home for the weekend. My step dad chatted with me about all the topics you can’t talk about in mixed company and we planned when he would come to help paint the baby’s room. While my mother stared at the ultra sound pictures of the baby and talked about his nose. It was relaxing and perfect in every way.

Our dinner has evolved over the years to include our military family. The year we hosted our first dinner away from our own blood I was scared. Scared it wouldn’t feel the same as with my family. But, a very close friend assured me the day would be perfect and to have faith. She was right! That year Thanksgiving became more than giving thanks for my own family but for those who come and go in it, too.

I love a full table with lots of conversations going and yummy food and kids playing. This is what Thanksgiving with military families are like. They are special in their own way just like that first one I hosted with my parents and sister.

This year we will once again open our home to our military family to celebrate the day. As my turkey thaws in the fridge I once again reflect on my first one. It seems so far away yet so close in my heart. Each year is different, yet the same in that we come together to break bread and take time to give thanks.

How will you spend your day? Home with family? Hosting? Will your military family be with you?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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