The Heroes At Home

1016074_10201583885827544_1553898116_nOur children are born into a life of so much turmoil. So much change all of the time from new schools to new homes. So much time away from one parent (and in some cases both) from weeks to months. Maybe never knowing what life is like to live near extended family and how wonderful growing up with grandparents babysitting you can be.

So, as I watched my children playing recently I saw them differently. Not in that I was amazed how much they have grown but that they are amazing little people. They take on so much and yet the continue to laugh and be carefree.

This begs the question, “Aren’t they heroes in all this?” Yes, there is no arguing that our brave men and women who defend us are heroes. They are the ones going into battle for the great good but what of their children fighting the battles at home? Our men and women in uniform choose this military life. For many it is their calling or passion but the children? No, it was us who put them into the battles of the homefront. The battles of making new friends, going to new schools, having to accept a change in their war torn parent or the worse battle of grief of losing one.

The interesting thing about these kids is that no matter what battle they face, they fight with strength and virtuosity. They come out winning every time. Military children know how to adapt and overcome better than the people teaching them. I often look to my kids for a better way to handle stress and pressure of life. This is all they know so they are the perfect teacher.

Life often hands us a lemon so take a cue from your child, cut it up and make some lemonade with it. Our children always see the their ever changing world as limitless possibilities and so should we. Change is inevitable and we should embrace it as they do and OWN it. Laugh and play more, accept more and be more flexible.

But, in the tough moments with these little homefront heroes (cause there are a lot) remember all the battles they fight. While they are brave and embrace life’s challenges sometimes like our service members they need a hug and understanding, too.

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