I Have A Confession….

My confession? I’m an introvert and highly sensitive person.

Are you surprised? Most often people are surprised by this news since I don’t come off as introverted. How is it that I can be introverted but fool everyone with my extroverted outer appearance?

Well, I made a choice long ago to put my introvert tendency to the side when necessary. As a new military spouse I struggled making friends and a lot had to do with my awkwardness around new people and in social settings. After years of practice I’ve gotten better but with every new social event I attend (my running workouts included) I feel the butterflies in my stomach. My mind plays tricks on me and wants me to say, “No, no.. not doing it!”

But, can we really be happy all introverted and hidden away? I couldn’t, personally.

The trick to an introvert living an extrovert life is knowing when to recharge your introvert. Social settings over stimulate me and most of them in a good way. I feel happy and euphoric but it also taxes me and I get fatigued easily. I also need to the quiet to process my outing.

Here are my three ways I decompress and feed my introvert:

1. Turn it all off. I silence my phone and close my computer. This is accessional for me to recharge and I do it daily. My family gives me a hard time about not answering my phone but I have to and it isn’t because I don’t want to talk to them. It’s that when I do, I don’t want to feel like I need to flee to my bed and hide under the covers.

2. Set aside alone time. Each day I block time to be alone doing something. This is everything from reading, watching TV, running and yes, taking naps. The time alone allows my brain to recharge and prepare for the next time I am around everyone, mostly my children.

3. Learn to say “no”. If the introvert in you needs that recharge say “no” when a friend asks for company. It’s OK and no one will fault you for that. When you say “no” just say why and don’t fear the outcome. Most people are very comfortable with the “I just need to recharge and have some quiet.” They understand the introvert mind more than you might think.

So there you have it, my confession.

Do you have a secret that no one else knows about you?

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