“It’s OK, Charlie…”



I recently commiserated with a friend on Facebook about the trials of shopping with unhappy children and the looks strangers give us. As we swapped stories of our shopping ventures with our unhappy kids it got me thinking about this one time..

My younger son was about 4 and he was not in a good mood while we were shopping at the Commissary.  As I paused to look at crackers I must have had the look of “Is this worth it or should I just call it?” on my face because a sweet old retiree gently put his hand on my shoulder and said:

“One time I was shopping and this father was there with his son who was acting just like your little boy. The dad walked up and down the isles saying, “It’s Okay, Charlie, we are almost done.” By the time he was done and got to the check out the cashier made a comment about Charlie having a rough day to which the dad said, “Oh, he’s not Charlie, I am.”

He gave me a soft smile squeezed my shoulder and reminded me all kids are like this and just keep going. I’ll never forget his compassion and willingness to take time to remind me I’m not alone.

Military spouse, we live a pretty tough life. Some days we’ve worked a long day and just need a few things before going home. Some days we are sick with no spouse home and just need to get some relief. Some days kids are just kids giving us a hard time. We’ve all been Charlie and we all need to have a compassionate retiree to tell us a story and change our day. I hope this story is that for you.

“It’s OK, Charlie. All kids are like this from time to time. Just keep going. And remember, you are never alone.”
~From one compassionate spouse to the one who needs the reminder

PS…The sunset picture is because they always bring people a level of peace and happiness. 

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