Benefits To Bucket Listing Your Duty Station

The orders come in and they aren’t exactly what you had hoped for.  Every emotion runs through you from disappointment to frustration to hope.  Then reality sets in and you begin to think how are you going to get through the next few years happy?  The answer could be in creating a bucket list.

Why can a buck list be beneficial? Well, I asked my friends and they gave me few that I will share. It was quite insightful because having a bucket list is not something I have ever done.  Here is what they had to say:

1.  Ensures that you experience local culture.  I can tell you first hand that this is so true! Even without a bucket list I’ve done and seen some really unique things.

2.  You will leave without regretting not seeing enough.  This is also so true! I wonder if I had created a bucket list while in Japan and I had seen more I could have walked away with a different perspective.

3.   Helps you find an activity you might enjoy.  Like trail running for me here in Hawaii. That was something I never envisioned doing ever. But, I took the opportunity and now I’m hooked! Every time I get to a summit and lookout over the beautiful Hawaiian landscape I can’t help but be grateful I gave it a try.

4.  Gets you out of the house and away from the installation.  I often hear spouses don’t like driving (ME!) or the thought of getting lost scares them or what ever the reason is and so they stay close to home.  Having that bucket list forces you out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid! GO FOR IT!

Since my family has not ever done a bucket list before I’m going to for this duty station.  I always have wishes but sometimes they don’t happen.  Like the fact that we never did hike Mount Fuji in Japan or go to Jazzfest in New Orleans.  Maybe the bucket list would have help make those things possible. I’ll never know but it can’t hurt to create one for this duty station and watch the list get checked off.

What is on your bucket list for your current duty station?

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2 Responses to Benefits To Bucket Listing Your Duty Station

  1. We left our last duty station wishing we had done more touristy things before we left. I know that one day we will end up back there (either with the Navy or on our own) so we will be able to enjoy some of the things we missed out on but it isn’t the same as living there and being able to go do something touristy and then returning home the same day.

    • I hear ya! We missed out on a lot in New Orleans but I know we will go back and I’ll get to do them. I also find that sometimes time gets away from us in the commotion of living life. But, we can always try to do as much as possible and enjoy each duty station to the fullest.

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