Why Connecting Matters

1462919_10203019261511039_1767484881_nAfter a year of constantly being on the go it was time for a break.  Not just an afternoon of lying around watching movies kind  of break but the kind where you unplug from life and listen, watch and be present.  Doing this is so, so important in our very busy lives.  We get so caught up in social media, volunteering, working, kid activities and more that we forget how to “just be”.  And it was my time!

When the boys were small (like baby /toddler small) I can remember my days well.  I didn’t have Facebook or Twitter.  I didn’t have a laptop or smart phone.  I didn’t volunteer expect some small classroom like stuff for my older son’s pre-school.  I was just present and there with them each and everyday.   For hours I would watch them play and play with them.  Read to them, teach them and “just be”.  When my husband came home it was more of the same.  We talked about our days over a drink, spent time watching our kids together and snuggling on the couch without today’s common distracters.

Now things are different.  I found activities that I love and give me purpose.  My boys are involved in their various activities that involve me driving (A LOT).  As my husband moves up the pole of promotion he works long hours that sometimes come home.  The “just being” is hard to come by in our busy life.  I believe it is that way for most families.

But, unplugging from the everyday life is something that should and needs to be done.  We spent four days on a mini vacation and I unplugged from my life.  I watched my boys play and enjoyed morning coffee with my husband; it was time being present with my family.  The kind of presents that imbeds memories of who they are as people.

I gave them all of me for those four days.  Never making them wait while I answered the phone or sent an email or answered a question on Facebook.  No, they got the mommy/wife from years past when they were my whole world and it felt great!

Will I go back to those days altogether? No way!!! Having things in my life that fulfill me is important, too.  Being present is also equally important in life.  So, my one and only tip in this post is to spend time being present. Turn off everything and give it all to the most important people, your spouse and children! Because without them you wouldn’t have your life.  They support and love you through everything unconditionally.  Don’t forget to give it all to them from time to time.

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