Cleaning The Kitchen

images-1Cleaning the kitchen is something we all do.  Most times it is the very first household chore we will do in our home when we move in.  It is also the most labor intense to clean when we move out.  If you rent a home whether from a PPV housing or private landlord or apartment complex you will have to clean this beast to “check out” or get your deposit back.  It can take hours to make this room look sparkling clean.

So, how do you keep it from being an entire day’s dedication in the process? Well, with keeping this list of items clean.  I suggest getting down and dirty at least twice a year.

1. Refrigerator: Clean all shelves with warm soapy water and same with the freezer.

2. Oven:  Soak drip pans in warm soapy water and wash in a dishwasher.  Clean inside of oven. Lift up stove and clean under and around the burners.  Pull out the draw wipe out.

3. Cabinets:  Wipe down all exterior doors with warm cloth. Remove dishes, cup, silverware from shelves and drawers and wipe out any crumbs.

4. Dishwasher:  Boil a teapot of water and pour into empty dishwasher.  Spray inside with kitchen cleaner.  I like white vinegar and water mixture.  Run on the rinse/dry cycle.

5. Underneath all major appliances:  Finally, pull all major appliances from the wall wipe down the sides and sweep/mop under them.

Keeping these areas of your kitchen “clean” will help when the time comes to move out.  Besides, who doesn’t love a sparkling clean kitchen that will be a mess in about 5 minutes.

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