Thought Thursday #7: Autumn and 6 Things I Will Miss About It

thursday-thoughtsFirst off thank you to Wife of Sailor for hosting! It’s my first time and with a crazy week I didn’t have any writing juices flowing and this was a perfect word to choose! 

I have always loved this time of year.  As a kid it meant Friday night football games, Halloween candy and the every nearing and exciting Christmas season.  Now that we are in Hawaii with a pretty stable weather pattern it isn’t feeling quite like I always expect.  It is becoming clear to me how much I’m going to miss this season for the next few years but I’m going to miss some things more than others.

1.  Falling leaves.  I will miss the actual leaves on the ground and the smell they make as they die and make their way for the new ones to grow.  One of my fondest memories is from our last year in Japan and we took a walk with the boys and found a huge pile of fallen leaves that had been raked up and left.  My husband and I watched our boys run and jump in them and roll around in their smell while we reflected on our own childhoods and doing the same.  This was a moment where I felt pure love for my family.  Falling leaves always remind me of that.

2.  The cool mornings and warm afternoons.  Autumn air is so crisp and fresh but it is also warm.  I will miss needing a sweater in the morning but shedding it half way through the day only to retrieve it after dinner.

3.  Football season.  When I was in high school I didn’t care about the game.  I was in the band so I cared about that but I loved going to the games.  It was time with friends on a Friday or Saturday night.  As an adult it was lazy Sunday afternoon with friends watching and cheering (or heckling) while the kids ran wild.  With the time difference it just isn’t quite the same.

4.  The look of the sky.  In autumn the sky has a certain look.  You can see the change in the season.  The light of the sun has a warm tone but is cool outside.  In New Orleans this warm glow brought the children out of hiding from the hot summer months and they would play till it got dark out.  Another sign of the change in seasons.

5.  Fresh crisp apples, squash and pumpkins.  I love fall fruits and vegetables.  They are earthy and simple in flavor.  Being so far from the lands where they grow I know finding them in this fresh way will be a challenge.

6.  Boots and sweaters.  Hey, I love the warm sun as much as the next person.  I also love being bundled up and wearing boots.  Vests, a nice hat and scarf are also some of my favorite things to wear.  Not for too long but I do.

Seeing the pictures of the changing leaves and friends and family wearing sweaters makes me miss the mainland and it’s autumn.  I hear that the longer you live in Hawaii you notice the changes in season here, too.  So, while I’m longing for the change I know that I have to find my new normal and look forward to each year only to miss when we move again.

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4 Responses to Thought Thursday #7: Autumn and 6 Things I Will Miss About It

  1. Brittnei says:

    This is so fun! A few people on the linkup are football fans and most people seem to like being able to wear warmer clothing. We’re big Dallas Cowboys fans in my house. After 3 months of heat, it is a nice change!

  2. Wife of a Sailor says:

    I love boots and sweaters, too! Thanks for joining in and I hope to see you back next week!

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