5 Reasons Why MilFamilies Should Use Social Media

In today’s military social media is so important.  It’s our best friend and worst enemy. A forever catch 22… something we can’t live without but can’t always live with.  Since social media seems to be here to stay I’m going to give you 5 reasons why and how to use it.

1.  Stay connected with family, friends and our beloved deployed spouses.  Personally, I love Facebook for this.  I like being able to upload photos quickly and create a conversation about something my children are doing.  But, there are down sides, too.  Make sure you have boundaries so that you don’t end up losing a beloved friend or create an awkward Thanksgiving with family.

2.  Use it find out information about a new duty station.  Oh, the group pages on Facebook and boards on Pinterest.  They are everywhere!  You can find out so much information by reading blogs off Pinterest and joining group pages on Facebook.  It is everything from selling off unwanted items to buying new ones to learning about where to live and where the best schools are.

3.  Keep up with the latest in Military News.  In today’s Military there is a social media site for just about every aspect of our Military.  I tend to find out what the most recent changes are via an article someone posted verses reading it from official lines like my husband.

4.  Find a group (club) with the same interest as you.  This helps so much to build a community of people around you who will support you.  I’ve said it before that having a common interest in a club helps keep the drama at bay and I really believe that is true.  Being on social media allows you to be connected to these like minded people while drinking wine late at night during a bout of insomnia.

5.  Social media can just be plain old entertaining.  As military spouses we find ourselves alone a lot! Sometimes endless hours of Netflix just doesn’t cut it.  Turning to the varies pages and groups we like can help make us smile.  I love surfing through the animal memes and humor boards on Pinterest when I need a mood pick me up.

While talking with real live people is always the best option using social media is good, too.  It connects us in ways we never thought possible and that’s a good thing.  One thing to never ever forget though when you are using social media to share your life….. OPSEC/PERSEC!!!! We love our service members and we want to keep them safe.

Which social media sites are your favorite and why?

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One Response to 5 Reasons Why MilFamilies Should Use Social Media

  1. We love Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram — they’re all useful and helpful for different reasons, and we really enjoy being able to find and connect with other military supporters.

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