Sometimes It’s Just Unfair

The other night a friend and I were swapping milspouse sea stories and I said, “Sometimes this life is so unfair.”  She quickly responds that she loves it and wouldn’t trade it and I completely agree with her! I do love this life and quite frankly when I think about my life in the big picture it’s pretty fabulous.

But…… Sometimes it’s just unfair.  My step-dad use to tell me all the time that life is unfair and you know what? He’s right! Life is unfair!!!

Take this current deployment for example.  Man, I thought I had in the bag.  Me and the kids were gonna rock it!  I had a plan in place but as one unfair thing happened after another it became very clear how unfair a fabulous life can be.  This summer was hard, very hard and not just on me but on my husband as well.  So, we decided that upon his homecoming we were taking a vacation.  Going off the grid and relaxing!  Then I got the call no spouse wants to get…..

“I’m sorry but we have to change our vacation.  Is it possible?  What are our options?”

You see, my husband has been selected for Chief, a promotion we never thought possible.  My “rational wife side” wants him to be going through initiation with his fellow Selectees but the “selfish wife” side is angry and wants to go on our vacation.

“Angry wife” wants to scream out all the terrible things that have happened since he’s been away.  Tell him, “We need this! I need this! I didn’t rock this deployment like the seasoned Navy spouse I am!  I have been surviving it!  Can’t you make the command see that?”

But, the “rational wife” knows with success also comes sacrifices.  So, yes, this life can be cruel and often times so incredible unfair.  In that unfair moment you have to soul search and find the silver lining.  Find the good because there is always good.

For us, the good is that we can reschedule our vacation and our deployment will end and we will have survived it for better or worse.  The biggest and the best silver lining is that while Murphy has thrown yet another curve ball I know on September 13th when the boys and I put those anchors on his collar it will have all been worth it.

Life can be unfair but it can also be AMAZING!

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