Happy July 4th!

IMG_2361In our house federal holidays just sort of come and go without much of a celebration at all.  This is because of the job my husband does for the Navy.  Sometimes the kids and I go to the concert and sometimes we can’t for whatever reason like deployment.  So, most years like most federal holidays July 4th just comes and it goes.  No real family traditions because each year is different.  But, there is one year that always sticks out in my mind and that is 2008.

Not being a big fan of crowds I decided not to tackle the July 4th festivities on base alone.  Instead I stayed close to home and kept with our normal routine.  After lunch and nap time I got brave and decided to see what the little celebration at our pool was all about.

I quickly got the boys ready and headed to the pool and it turned out almost all the food and festivities were gone and just about over.  I was feeling a little deflated when I saw another mom who was also flying solo for this July 4th and decided to stay anyway.  She sort of had the same idea I did and so there we were two moms with kids without our Sailors on July 4th.

The afternoon turned to dinner and we order take out from the All Hands Club and closed the pool down.  Just us and maybe one or two other families in passing.

So many great laughs and very happy children.  They never knew they missed a big firework show, face painting, petting zoo, games, etc.  Just kids having fun playing late at the pool.

Every year on July 4th I think back to that year.  I wonder where that family is now and how they are doing.  In military life we can often times feel so alone but then one small thing happens and suddenly you are reminded you’re not, like my memory of July 4th, 2008.

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One Response to Happy July 4th!

  1. aweighwithme says:

    What a sweet memory… I can see why you remember that one! xo

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