This Is Why….

Over the years I’ve been asked many time why I married a man in the military and why I choose to live this life.  The answer is really quite simple.  I love him and he love this…

And this…


And this…


Putting smiles on the faces of those less fortune than us.

How could I not want to spend my life with someone like that?!  It makes my chest swell with pride!!!

So, your tip for this week… Have something in your life you LOVE! It can be anything you are passionate about.  My husband loves music and more important he loves sharing it with other people.  It makes them happy and knowing he has made them happy makes him happy.

When you are happy the people around you are, too.  So, get out there and do something you love and support your spouse in doing what they love.  I promise it will make your life GREAT no matter where the military lands you.

What do you love doing? In what way does it impact others positively?

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3 Responses to This Is Why….

  1. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing — so sweet! We have no doubt your husband makes MANY people happy with his music!

    (We “pinned” a link to this post here: )

  2. aweighwithme says:

    These photos make me so happy! You are so blessed to be married to a man like that… You should be proud. 🙂 I love making treats and sharing them with people I love.

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