5 Tips To Living The Most Lavish Military Life Possible

Since the media has decided to write about how we live a lavish life in the military and it seems like military spouses are struggling to see how it’s possible, I thought I’d help them do that.  This is after all a blog about tips and resources for military life, right?  And since I’ve lived in some pretty cool places, I would call myself an “expert”.

1. Hit up your local Commissary and buy all 15 types of ketchup.  What? There are 15? Yes, there are! It says so right here in this article about Commissary closures.  So get those pantries stocked up!

2.  Live far from family with a deployed spouse.  Who needs them anyway!  We are strong, independent people and it just means more quality time with your kids.  And the spouse? Hello, bed to yourself!

3.  Have a baby while alone in a new duty station.  Military spouses don’t need help! We love doing everything on our own.  That’s why we married a man in the military, right?  Being in a new duty station with an infant just adds to excitement.

4.  Never pass up government (PPV) housing!  Everything is taken care of for you! Everything is FREE!!  Plus, you get to have the best nosy neighbors you could ever dream of!

5.    Use base military medical clinics.  They take such good care of you.  Short waits and quiet waiting rooms.  Oh and don’t forget the pharmacies!  Going to a local one means waiting for maybe 5 mins while the scripted is filled.  Not at the one on base!  They always have it ready and waiting for you!

Well, there you have it!  Those are just 5 tips to help get you on the path to a lavish military life.  I know  because I’m living one in Hawaii.  I don’t need my husband or family anyway!  I’ve got beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets!

I think I’ll go to the Commissary now… I’ve only got one type of ketchup and I’m feeling a little blue about seeing a roach on my kitchen counter.

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7 Responses to 5 Tips To Living The Most Lavish Military Life Possible

  1. Personally, I found waiting with all 3 kids in the pharmacy 1.5 hours for an Amoxycillin prescription for my sick baby to be such an unexpected, lavish, benefit! I got to squeeze in a workout chasing the fighting kids around and bouncing the crying the baby the whole time, while fending off the scornful looks (so motivating!) of the desk ladies. Gotta do something to work off all that ketchup!

    • LOL… I personally find living in roach invested government housing to be more lavish than I could have ever imagined! Maybe should offer the little critters some of my 15 types of ketchup.

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  3. I have to laugh at this. We spent almost five hours at medical today between a pregnancy check up and 18 month check up. I agree with the workout. Everyone wonders how I stayed so small with this pregnancy…. try a waiting room with an 18 month old!

  4. You didn’t mention all those free babysitting strangers that we can pawn our kids off on all the time, especially on base! Need to run to the store for ketchup but don’t want to bring the kids? Send them to the neighbor you’ve never met that moved in next door! (yes, this has happened to me!)

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