5 Reasons To Have MilSpouse Friends

I’ve heard it many, many times from spouses that they don’t like having other military spouses as friends.  They have a long list of reasons why and maybe some are valid but, I beg to differ.  In fact I prefer to have other military spouses as my friends.  Here are my top 5 reasons why:

1.  They get the lingo.  Other milspouses just understand what you’re saying.  You can use crazy acronyms like DFAS and POA and they just know what you are talking about.

2.  You always know someone where ever you go.  Moving is tough and sometimes the one thing you look forward to during a PCS is living near a friend you haven’t seen in far too long.

3.  There tends to not be any “one uppers”.  We all have it tough in this life in different ways.  No one gets that more than a MilSpouse friend!  There is not much of “Well, think that’s bad? My husband.. blah, blah.”  No time for that.. just bring on the wine! No job is no job! And GONE IS GONE!

4.  Support, support, support!  These friends always get your roll coaster of emotions and they sympathize.  They will always be up for a late night wine and chocolate binge.  Take your kids to the playground for an hour (or three) so you can cry or have a private conversation with your deployed spouse.  It’s an understood thing among military spouses.  Something we just do for one another.

5.  Always armed and ready with a resource to help you cope with military life.  Yep!  New to an area and need a playgroup? Chances are your new friend knows one.  You can even reach to friends via social media and they’ll have a few ideas to toss your way.  Milspouses make it their job to be in the know on everything related to military life and are always willing to share! No competition in this crowd because knowing more parents in your child’s soccer team means more car pool options when you have a deployed spouse.

Now, these reason are not limited to military life and I know that, but, I find military spouses to carry a great majority of them if not all of them.  I know, I personally want to have friends who can offer these things to me.  Wouldn’t you?

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2 Responses to 5 Reasons To Have MilSpouse Friends

  1. My favorite military spouse is one of someone who USED to be in the military. This is why I love my church, much of the congregation is made up of military members, but most of the military members have been retired for years. Those spouses have grown up enough and are back in “real life” to do all this yet not have the drama I’ve grown accustomed to from present day military spouses.

    Maybe I’m just an “old soul” when it comes to this “game” but I much prefer the spouses that share my ideals. I would’ve done well as a spouse of an old time military member. I think most of us are just spoiled now and show it.

    Sorry if that sounds mean, I don’t mean to make it seem that way. I love that I have the capability of getting an email from my husband instead of having no communication the whole time (though one to three emails in an underway would be “nothing” to most wives who expect one or multiples a day from theirs and bring on the drama if they don’t get it.) I don’t know if it’s just my area, or if I’m just lucky in the sense that our boat is full of the biggest drama queens of the spouse world, but that is pretty much all I’ve dealt with in the 6 years we’ve been here. If it weren’t for you and other wonderful blogging milspouses (and some friends from church), I would’ve given up completely on all milspouses 5 years ago.

    • Wow! Thank You! I do agree with you. I have friends within the command always because it just works out that way but I have lots more friends outside of the command. I think it’s good to have outside of work life. My very best friend’s husband is a Coastie. But, she’s a milspouse and we’ve endure a lot together. So, this post isn’t really about having milspouse friends in the command per say just in general. But, I do totally understand where you are coming from.

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