To My Boys

Dear Boys,

It is April and while your little brains are focused on school, friends, Mindcraft, food and more food my mind is focused on you.  For this month the Military honors you by dedicating this whole month to you, the Military Child.  They honor your courage, strength and resiliency to live a life you have no choice but to deal with.  You were brought into this world to live this life and your dad and I didn’t even ask you what you thought.  We didn’t ask how you would feel about being away from your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends.  We didn’t ask how it would make you feel to live in a new home every 3 years and go to new schools.  Your little child opinions didn’t matter yet here you are and everyday you live this life without complaint. Sure, you tell us how much you miss your friends and share your struggles in a new school but you don’t resist or complain. So strong for so young.

You might be wondering, “Why?” Why do you see me as strong and resilient? Well, sweet boys here is why…

You make new friends like it’s a job, a mission and you don’t give up.

You have hope of good things to come in our new home. I know the fear of the “what ifs” are there but it’s not the focus.

You live this life like a badge of honor.  So much pride for what your daddy does.  No fear in telling others where you have lived or where you want to live.

You have so much love and devotion for family even though you rarely see them.  The bonds are strong and you have never let distance get in the way.

You laugh everyday! Everyday you find something to smile about!! 

You are such wonderful children.  The best any parent could ask for.  This is a hard life to live for children.  Many homes, schools, teams, and long periods without your dad yet, you are happy.  How could I not be in inspired by you?  Every adult should watch you and be inspired by you, a military child, who finds happiness where so many would see none.


I’m so proud of you! 

Love, Mom

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5 Responses to To My Boys

  1. Gresh Laing says:

    That’s wonderful!

  2. Christina Hussain says:

    LOVE this Kate…aren’t our kids amazing??? 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    Beautiful, Kate! Military kids are amazing! Giving my kids an extra squeeze today! Thanks!

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