Tips For The Ever Looming Deployment

Time is passing and passing fast and with it time brings us one day closer to my husband’s deployment.  As we are preparing my emotions are whirling inside me. One day I’m looking forward to the time alone and the next I’m thinking I can’t do it alone.  I’m sure all spouses go through this emotional roller coaster and for so many they have their checklist memorized.  But, for me, it’s been quite a while since we have spent this kind of time apart.  I remember a little bit but my children don’t remember at all!  They only know it has happened before but can’t quite put their fingers on what it was like.  This time will be different for all of us. Deployment is different for everyone and so I’m going to share with you my tips for how I plan to prepare for and get through it.

1.  Get a “nanny”.  I plan on finding someone from and having them come a few times a week.  This will let me get my long runs done, grocery shopping, OMB meetings, etc.  Sometimes you just need help or a break and sitters are the way to go!

2.  No planned meals.  Yeah, I said it… Not going to cook planned meals.  It will be Burger King at my house.  You can have it your way.  Some battles are not worth fighting solo and for me that is meals.

3.  Every night is movie night.  Yeah, I said that, too.  Well, at least just while the kids are out of school for the summer.  I plan on letting them go until they drop.  Mind you our boys are a little older so if you have younger children I wouldn’t necessarily do this.

4.  Staying busy.  One kid will be in soccer, the other in swim and they will do a camp of some sort (yet to be determined).  We’ll also go to church, birthday parties, play dates, etc.  I’m hoping this helps pass the time. HOPE!

5.  Daily emails to daddy.  We will write to my husband everyday even if we don’t hear from him.  It will be in the evenings after dinner so the boys can tell him about their day. And for me to tell him I have it under control (even if I don’t).

6.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  On a normal basis I keep my house clean.  During this time I’m not going to sweat it.  The kids don’t care and when I start to care it will be time to get the house back to order.  But, I’m certainly not going to sweat if we have a jammed packed day and the dinner dishes sit over night or the laundry goes unfolded for a day.

7.  Wine night.  Some days are just going to be hard.  No one needs to tell any spouse that so I will have “Wine Night”.  This will be a night of drinking wine with a friend or friends and complaining about how much it sucks to be alone.

Now, I know the saying, “The best laid plans of mice and men” BUT… I have hope these will help us get through.  Even if it is only the Wine Night.

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2 Responses to Tips For The Ever Looming Deployment

  1. aweighwithme says:

    These are great tips… My husband has yet to deploy and we have yet to have kids, but I love the grace you give yourself… these tips will be empowering for me when those things do come for us… Thank you for sharing, and best of luck with the time apart… xo

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