Solutions For The New House

Every move has a new house that requires “solutions” to make it livable.  It seems like with every move we have to buy new items to help with our “solutions”.  Well, I’m here to give some really great solutions I bet you never thought of!

1.  Problem: Window Treatments that don’t fit the new windows.  Solution:  When your very frustrated spouse gives up trying to make the old ones fit tell them it’s O.K. you will sleep on a solution…. for the next 2-3 years or till you get to the next house.

2.  Problem:  Dishwasher doesn’t clean dishes well even if you rinse them.  Solution:  Wine…. Several bottles should do the trick.  Unless of course you want to spend the money on a new one.

3.  Problem:   Flooring… that can be any type that does work for you.  Solution:  See Solution #2 but don’t waste your money on new floors unless you buy a house then it is worth it.

4.  Problem:  Small bedrooms that are too small for your furniture.  Solution:  Jam in what will fit i.e. the bed and the dresser.  Have a yard sale for the rest.  FB has lots of those groups.  Someone is bound to buy the stuff and you can re-buy it when you move again.

5.  Problem:  Small Yard  Solution:  Be thankful! Mowing yards is a pain in the you know what!

6.  Problem:  Noisy neighbors  Solution:  When you can’t beat them join them!  Make it a contest of who can have the cops called on you first and then party to celebrate!

7.  Problem:  White walls you can’t paint.  Solution:  Have your kids play in the mud and then let them put their hands all over the walls.  After 2-3 threes times they shouldn’t be too white any more.

8.  Problem:  No pantry or inadequate one.  Solution:  You can either only buy things that go in the fridge and/or the small pantry and/or just eat out during this tour.

9.  Problem:  Restricted breeds and amount of pets allowed.  Solution:  Don’t have pets or just get a goldfish.

10.  Problem:  No washer and dryer and you don’t have a set because the last place did.  Solution:  DO NOT buy them because you never know, the next place may have them.  So, don’t wash any clothes, just buy new ones.  There are always clothing for sale on the those FB yard sale groups so it won’t cost too much.

And when all else fails and non of these solutions work just complain on your favorite social media outlet.  This is guaranteed to work!

I know, I know… You are stunned you never thought of these before! You can thank me later when they work.  Until then enjoy your new home!!!

PS… In case you missed the huge neon, flashing lights and siren blaring; this is sarcasm! Did I get you?

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