The Group That Changed Me

I’ve never been one to be part of groups.  As an Ombudsman I know that spouses need them for many reasons I, personally, was never into them.  I’m introverted by nature and so group settings make me uncomfortable and talking to new people is hard for me.

One day I stumbled upon a flyer for a running club, I didn’t know what to do.  I saw the flyer hanging there above my mailbox and for some reason knew that I had to advertise for them.  This is what our base had been missing, well…. every base I had been to.  A FREE running club for mother runners? Perfect!  But, me? Nah… I run alone; I like the time to myself.  Little did I know those two women were going to change my thinking!

That day I saw the flyer I pulled one of the tabs and eagerly emailed them.  I couldn’t wait to hear more and let my spouses know.  How much more perfect could this group get?  The day they launched their first run I showed up and introduced myself and told them I might join them after my next race (in two months).  I knew in my mind it wouldn’t happen.  But, they kept at me…. Every time I ran into one of them at school (our kids were in the same grade) she would encourage me to come.  “Come on! It’ll be fun! No one will care who you are.”  I’d smile and say, “Maybe”.

Fast forward two months and the worst race to date for me.  I ran a hot weather race in Millington, TN and let’s just say it didn’t end well.  On the way home to New Orleans I thought long and hard about how to get past this experience.  The lightbulb went on!  I was going to do another warm weather race and these two ladies and their running club, with it’s 8:30am start time in S.E. La, were going to  help me do it!  I was going to join them once a week and learn to run in the heat.  That day in June 2011 changed my life forever!!!

What’s this group you ask? It’s Stroller Warriors(TM)…… They are military wives, they are mothers, they are runners!  They are the most amazing group of women and I’m so happy that those two ladies didn’t give up on me.  You see,  I’m continuing the mission that Stepahnie Geraghty, Marine Corpse Spouse of the Year 2012, dreamed up in 2010.  I’m bringing that mission here to Hawaii.  I’m bringing the support, encouragement, companionship, loyalty and most importantly FRIENDSHIP!

Stroller Warriors New Orleans will forever have a special place in my heart.  They are the group that changed my view on clubs and groups.  I’m a changed woman and for the better.  Having running buddies is the way to go and I’ll never insist on running alone again.

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10 Responses to The Group That Changed Me

  1. Christina hussain says:

    I’m truly touched Kate! When Leila and I started SW New Orleans we knew it would be a great group for the community on base but I don’t think either of us really knew how much it would change our lives or the lives of the wonderful girls we ran with. I remember when we first started I would hunt people down on base handing out business cards to anyone I saw walking/running with a stroller and I would hang fliers by the mailboxes every 2 weeks. I never dreamed it would grow to be so big when we started with just 5 people at our first meeting. You will do great things for the group in Hawaii… Miss you bunches! XOXO

  2. cautiouscrow says:

    Aw, that’s really, really awesome. If I lived on base, I would love to have something like that. Actually, even an off-base group of milspouses would be great!

  3. Leila says:

    So glad you caved and joined us. The group thrived because of mother runners like you. We miss you and are so proud of what you are doing to spread the love.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I never thought I’d run with a group. I liked running alone. I’m glad they hunted me down too! I love running with the group. I am so thankful for the friendship and support that I have found in Stroller Warriors.

  5. Now if only I could get in the same mindset as you. I don’t care if women I meet are in the military or not, but I need to meet people who aren’t so petty and drama filled (which is what seems to be the norm for the boat my husband has been on for almost 6 years…even through so many changes in personnel).

    I will never pole (dance) alone. I love the studio I go to. The instructors (especially) and fellow students are my strength and support while my husband is gone. I will also never be truly alone at the gym anymore either. I love my 2 Zumba instructors and have made a wonderful friend in one of the ladies that is taking the class too.

    I do wish someone would be there for me to get me started running. Someone with patience and understanding that I have weak ankles and sometimes CAN NOT do it, but will still be there to help and to get me to at least walk…someone who will be there through the process of getting me up to a run rather than just saying “Just run and pace yourself”. That kind of group would be awesome.

    I’m so glad you have that and will be taking it with you! I wish you all the luck that it takes off running there!

    • Thank you, Stevie! Don’t give up!!! This club is growing by leaps and bounds and it may end up at your installation before you know it! I’m so amazed at the amount of women who join and struggle to run and before you know it they are running in 5k races and more. One goal at a time and with support anyone can achieve them. It’s great to see that you have found that support in other areas :)! I firmly believe that when a group has a common goal the drama tends to be left at the door. It might creep in now and then but doesn’t stay. It’s is one of the many reasons I love SW so much! But, I think the same can be true for any club or group.

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