My Blog Anniversary Has A Big Announcement!

My blog is ONE!!! I can’t believe I have done this for a year!  When I first entered into this adventure I never dreamed where it would take me.  There were hopes and goals but this little blog has taken a turn.  Instead of going into the world of sponsors, giveaways and promotions it is going to stay as it is.  The main goal in this blog is to be a resource for military spouses. A place they come to look for help and comfort through military life.  Having giveaways and promotional posts would take away from that.  And now that we are some what settled post PCS I will be back to blogging weekly.

So, now for the big announcement….. My husband very graciously honored me with a nomination for Military Spouse of the Year 2013.  To continue my mission and passion about ensuring that ALL spouses have access and knowledge of the resources they are entitled to would be a HUGE honor.

Please vote for me on Tuesday Jan 22! Voting is for ONE DAY ONLY!!!


In closing, I want to wish all the amazing military spouses the best of luck on Tuesday.  And look for a new blog on Friday and every week after that filled with tips and resources!!!!!

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