The Unexpected Items You’ll Need Post PCS

When we PCS and start the planning process we all know the obvious items (clothes/beds) we will need before our HHG’s arrive at our new home.  I know that when we moved to Japan I was totally prepared for our sleeping arrangements and even made sure our two year old would be entertained until all his toys arrived.  But……. there was a long list of items I hadn’t even considered needing.  When we moved back to the lower 48 I didn’t want to deal with those items so we took advantage of the extended hotel allowance and waited for our HHG delivery.  This time around however, I want to get into a house and get the kids back in school as quickly as possible and that might mean being without our belongs for who knows how long.  So, I will make sure that when we check out of the hotel I will have the following items in tow:

1. Toilet paper

2.  Shower curtains and the rings to hang them.

3.  Pillows

4.  Dish soap and sponge

5.  Towels and a bath mat or two

6.  Coffee pot (Coffee drinkers please don’t jump down my throat.  I seriously didn’t even think about this hiccup but will now be prepared!)

7.  Dishes, cups, and utensils and pots/pans.

8.  If you have pets have bowls for food and water and litter boxes for cats.

Keep in mind that some of these seem obvious because after all you have a separate shipment that we all know as “express shipment” or something similar.  But, I don’t know about all of you but ours ALWAYS comes after the our HHG.  So, I’m not sure why it is even called that.  My suggestion is that if you can’t carry these items with you because you have to fly, plan on sending a few boxes to the sponsor or other trusted family.  OR, you could set up a budget to make a trip to the NEX/PX, Walmart or Target to purchase these items.  Personally, it is a good excuse to get new ones.  Especially the pillows and shower curtains.  This time around that is our plan.

What are some unexpected items you discovered you needed after you moved into your new home?

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