What Happens When The Tipster Needs Tips?

The inevitable has happened…. We are now waiting on our official orders for PCS.  We are transferring sooner, A LOT, sooner than we had anticipated but that is military life.  We certainly aren’t the first and will definitely not be the last to transfer unexpectedly but when my husband broke the news to me I went blank.  After two plus years of helping families in this same position I found myself feeling overwhelmed and stumped on where to even begin.  How does that even happen to a person?  I think mostly because I told myself for months that we were going to be here longer than our current orders.

The first thing I did was cry A LOT!  You see, we have absolutely loved living in New Orleans.  This duty station gave me a connection to my family who originated here.  So, being here has given my  extended family a chance or maybe a better word is: reason, to visit.  My little family has been given the chance to see the city through different eyes.


Family Plot 

We have also been blessed with incredible friends.  The kind that become family and are life long.  They spent many years here before the Coast Guard hopped them around and finally transferred them to New Orleans the same time we moved here.  They have showed us a different perspective than my family.

Occupy Mardi Gras 2012

This duty station has been healing.  Japan was not the best of tours and coming here my husband healed his career and is moving forward.  We healed our marriage that was rocky at best and being held together by the vows we took on our wedding day.  It healed my sense of promise that things can be great no matter where we live.  I took the strengths I gained from that tour in Japan and built them up here.  It lead me to my Ombudsman position and this blog.  It is hard to turn my back on this city that has brought so much to us.

St. Patrick’s Day 2011

But, we have to.  Mother Navy says it is time to go and I have to have faith in myself that we will continue to be strong and successful in our new home, too. However, I’m in love with New Orleans.  I don’t want to leave and with every step we take that brings us closer to leaving I feel tears building in my eyes. How do I leave and not let this great tour over shadow what could be another great one?  Where can I find the confidence that this overseas tour will be different from the last?  Most important, how do I grieve and move forward with an open mind so that the strength I’ve gotten enables me to live in another city?  These are the tips I need.  I’ve got the actual move part down, it’s the emotional side that I need advice on.

Champion Square Pre-game

I suppose this is the very definintaion of what means to be a military family.  To leave places we love and go to ones we don’t and make the best of them.  I have to feel this way not just for myself but for my children.  They, too, have to learn to pick themselves up by the boot straps and keep moving forward with the hopes of great things to come.

With that, I will put on my suit of armor and accept tips to help me move forward to the next adventure.

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2 Responses to What Happens When The Tipster Needs Tips?

  1. samililymom says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I felt that way about Hawaii. I truly LOVED it there, and I felt connected there, like that was my home. I cried, even in the plane, when we left. I reallllly did not want to live in New Orleans, and I didn’t like it there, but what helped me survive was the friends I made and knowing I was closer to home (florida). Now that we are in Puerto Rico, I really do like it, so far (even though it’s only been 3 weeks). I really do think you will like it there, but you can’t compare them, because they are nothing alike. I think at first it will be a little culture shock, but you have to have an open mind. They do not do Mardi Gras, or really the 4th of July either. There are some fireworks on the 4th but not alot. But they do other things, like they have a really cool parade on Chinese New Year in Chinatown, complete with dragon & lion dancers (see my pics on fb). They have a HUGE fireworks celebration on New Year’s Eve, they start around 9pm and don’t stop until around 1am. There’s a lot to do there, as far as hikes and outdoor adventures. 🙂 and it is absolutely beautiful. Realistically, it’s the life you chose, and you can get upset about it, which is fine, but you can’t let that consume you. I was a little apprehensive moving there too, since I moved from Florida, where I loved and grew up and was only 2hrs away from family. I think what helped was looking online and in books all the fun things to do in Hawaii and how beautiful it was, and talking to people who had already been stationed there. Oh, and there’s a lot of races there…from 5K’s to marathons..and tris. I was a member of the honolulu marathon clinic and then became a staff member there…great group of people. 🙂 I’m here to help if I can. 🙂

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