School Uniforms for Rags? WHAT?!

Yes, I realize that I set up a format for this blog but it’s mine and I can write what I want and I feel the need to vent via my blog today.

For those who don’t know, here in Louisiana the schools have uniform policies.  This means that Military children moving into this area they must wear a uniform if they are attending school be it public, private or charter.  It can be a costly expense and the base used to have a Navy Marine Corpse Relief Society Thrift Shop that sold local uniforms at a discounted price.  I mean, like dirt cheap and for the most part they were in great condition. Well, due to reasons I don’t know, the Thrift Store closed.  So, I went over to the NMCRS office to find out what the story on the school uniforms was and I was told that they had been DESTROYED!!! Given to our local MWR to be made into rags. WHAT??!!  I felt sick to my stomach!  Who would think something like that was a good idea? I just don’t get it!  Why didn’t the people making this decision search other options? I can think of several and  NMCRS staff,  here are my suggestions if you had only asked:

1.  Contact local Ombudsmen, Key Spouse, FROs and FRAOs and ask if they have needy families who would benefit from free uniforms.

2.  Contact the  local school PTOs and ask if they would like them for resale to military families. 

3.  Save them and give them away to families who come to you for counseling.

4.  Work with  MWR and sell them at their garage sales.

5.  Have a “Close Out Sale”, advertise like crazy and try to sell off as much as possible before doing suggestions 1, 2, 3, or 4! 

There are five….. I am sure I can come with more if I spend more time thinking and brainstorming.  Shame on you for doing a disservices to our community.  A community in which your main job is to assist families in need.  I know that this is most likely an isolated incident and the vast majority of NMCRS offices are helpful and necessary for the our military community.  So even with this thoughtless act, I will still send families in dire straights to them for help.

In the future you can be sure that if I hear of anything like a much need Thrift Store closing, I am going to act immediately!  I will not ever keep to myself and “wait to see what happens”.  No, next time I am going to march my happy “you know what” into the office and make sure nothing of this nature happens again.

Now, I will return to regular formatting where I share tips and resources while wearing my suit of armor and drinking a glass of wine.

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One Response to School Uniforms for Rags? WHAT?!

  1. VMDiehl says:

    At the very least, put them in the donated clothing bins at the local Walmart! In a city like New Orleans there’s plenty of need-shame-shame-shame!!!

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