Ten Facts About Me

It has occurred to me that my readers do not know a whole lot about me except from the little sprinkles here and there that I place in my post.  So, since I am on somewhat of a break… well, actually vacation… I thought I would write some facts about who I am.

1.  I was an Active Duty Sailor.  After high school I enlisted in the Navy as a musician.  This is where I met my husband and spent the first nine years of my adult life.  I gave birth to our oldest son while I was still on AD.  Why did I leave, you ask?  Well, I wanted to be home with my little man and it was a very hard and stressful life working the kind of job we worked with a baby. So, I left and now I am full time mom.

2.  I love running! Yes, it is true, I love to run.  I have run 3 half marathons and the Navy 10 Nautical Miler. In October I will run another half with Stroller Warriors New Orleans. It helps me feel less stressed and as my oldest son once said, “It helps keep us all less stressed.” He was three when he said that.

3.  I make great soups.  In my house we love soup and no matter how hot it is I make soup. I don’t use recipes…. well, I will read some for ideas and then make up my own. This is my go to dinner for new parents or pot luck dinners.  They are little pots full of love because nothing is better than homemade chicken soup.

4.  Everyone in my family was born in different places.  My husband and I met while both serving in the Navy so it is pretty obvious that we were born in different places; him West Virginia and me Pennsylvania. But, our boys were also born in different places. My oldest was born in Virginia and our youngest in Yokosuka, Japan.  A quote from my older son, “How can me and Rory be brothers if we were born in different countries?  Rory has to be Japanese because that is where he was born.”  Ahh… kids say the darnedest things.

5.  I love cats!  When I first met and started dating my husband I had two black cats.  I told him, “love me, love my cats” and ever since that moment we only went one stretch without a cat.  While in Japan our beloved Cheddar, who we was abandoned in base housing, turned out to be a very, very old cat and died the year before we moved.  But, within a week of settling into our new home we got another one and five months later another one.  What can I say?  I love cats!

6.  I am serving as a Command Ombudsman.  Two years ago a friend told me I would be great at this job and had heard the position was available.  Well, that wasn’t entirely true but it worked out!  I love this job!  There is no better way to give back to the military in my opinion.  This position is what lead me to blogging.  I wanted an outlet to share my life and all the knowledge I have through a public forum.  Knowledge is power and I firmly believe military spouses need a lot of it!

7.  I have a twin sister.  I’m putting this out there now because I often don’t even really think about it until we are together and she is meeting friends for the first time.  Being a twin is sorta second nature and not something I think to tell people when I meet them.  But, on more than one occasion, okay on lots and lots of occasions my poor sister was mistaken for me because I didn’t tell anyone I had a twin.

8.  I love the heat but it doesn’t love me.  Currently we are stationed in New Orleans and I love it when it gets hot BUT I have asthma and so that heat doesn’t love me.  I love to run when it is warm and get all sweaty and sit in the sun and read but alas this asthma of mine keeps in the cool AC.  It is a fact that we won’t be retiring in the South in the land of the drive through daiquiri stands.  (and…. sighing…..)

9.  Abigail Adams and Martha Stewart are my heroes!  Abigail Adams is just an amazing woman.  Learning about her made me want to be an Ombudsman.  Yes, I know her husband was never in the military but the life she had to lead is much like our lives.  She had to be strong and lead and well…. she is just an awesome person!  Martha? I just want to be able to cook, clean and be organized like she does and have the time and money to do it.

10.  I truly love my life.  There are a lot of spouses who “put up with” military life because it is what their life is.  They hate moving, they don’t like the lifestyle and so and so on the reasons go.  I, however, really enjoy it.  I like the moving, it gives me a chance to clean out the old and plan for the new.  I like living in different places and meeting new people.  When I was a kid, I used to day dream about how other kids lived in different parts of the country.  I also love the culture of the military with its rules and boundaries.  It isn’t for everyone but it works for me.

There you have it! Ten things you may not have known about me.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Do we have something in common?  Is there something we are complete opposites on? Do think I am nuts for liking Martha Stewart, cats and soup in hot weather? Oh and please leave a comment with something about yourself that people may not know.

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5 Responses to Ten Facts About Me

  1. I love hearing from other moms that were in and have hubbys who are in. I loved the military but I was the same, I wanted a family and couldn’t have one if we kept getting stationed apart

    • Military Bride, Sometimes I get sad and miss my job. Like around the 4th of July; it was always my favorite concert to play. It is the most awesome feeling playing for the fireworks. But, me leaving and being home really cut out a lot of stress on our family and I know my husband and I have a way better marriage because of this decision.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am really loving all your tips. 🙂 I grew up a military brat but it’s a whole different world being on the “grown-up” side of things!

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