Happy Father’s Day to Military Dads

With Father’s Day being on Sunday I am going to deter from my usually format and write about how great our Military dads are.  It isn’t easy being a dad on Active Duty and I know this because I witness how much my husband misses with our boys.  He has missed birthdays, Scouting promotions, sports events and much more.  Yet, somehow he is always there, too.  My husband manages to be heavily involved in all aspects of our children’s lives. It all started when our oldest son went to pre-school. He was on the Executive Board because partaking in the regular mandatory volunteer hours wasn’t enough!  Being the snack parent for soccer wasn’t good enough either, he had to coach even though he didn’t know how.  Think he could  just  be a parent that sees to it that our Cub Scout went door to door selling popcorn?  No, not my husband!  He served as the Ass. Cub Scout Master and now the Committee Chair.  He can’t always be in the boys classrooms at school for all their various events but he sure knows what is going!  He serves on a board there, too.

Sure, my husband does a lot but you know what?  So do most Mildads!  It amazes me the amount of fathers who will work long days and then come home scoop up their children and head out the door to coach their sports teams, be leaders for their Boy Scout Packs, hold positions on the PTO and so much more.  These guys might miss out on so much of their children’s lives but they also give up so much of their own free time if means doing something with their children.  I am completely in awe of these men who coach soccer teams in uniform or sacrifice their lunch break for a school event.

Our military children are so lucky to have men like these to look up to; with such honor and dedication to not just country but also family.  In our home the sun rises and sets on my husband.  He is a hero to our children and I believe it is because he does so much for them to ensure they are well rounded.  My husband will work a long ten hour day and come home tired and yet, he will play video games, throw footballs, teach them to ride their bikes and read bedtime stories.  It’s no wonder our boys admire him so much. But, this is how our mildads role!  No day is too long and tiring to not spend an hour playing with their children and escape the troubles of their jobs.

Happy Father’s Day Mildads!!! Especially my husband; today is in honor of you!

What amazing things do your husband’s do for your children despite their hectic military careers?

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One Response to Happy Father’s Day to Military Dads

  1. Carmen says:

    Love this post! And love that your husband is so involved. My husband is on the opposite end of the spectrum. He rarely volunteers since he can’t commit to much outside of work. Once he gets on a shore set hell be able to. He got home from Afghanistan yesterday and today the boys went to boxing class…I thoughtfor sure he would want to watch them but he chose not to. He was scared he would cry 😦 ..(so glad I know my husban doesnt follow my online activity). … He comparmentalizes a lot and detaching himself is easier for him since he’ll be going back to Afghanistan in the fall. I cannot wait for him to be on shore duty and be able to enjoy his kids!!!! He sacrifices so much in order to stay focused on the mission.

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