Military Spouse Appreciation Day Blog Hop

Today the ladies at Household 6 Diva and Wife on a the Roller Coaster are hosting a blog hop!  Thank you for giving blogging milspouses a place to meet and share their stories!!
Hi, my name is Kate and I am the blogger for Tips from the Homefront.
I began my military spouse journey six years ago when I left active duty (9 years) to follow my sailor husband to Japan. I met my husband 12 years ago when he walked into the command and it was love at first sight (sorta….)!  I just knew he would be a man I could see loving for the rest of my life and here we are today with two energetic boys (8 and 5), one lazy jack russell and two even lazier cats and currently serving duty station number 3 and waiting for orders for number 4.
 Me and hubby Mardi Gras 2012
(Yes… the Navy has float! I know.. so cool!)
 Energetic boys on the beach 2011
(Like the random guy in the background?)
For the past two years I have had the privilege to serve the Navy as an Ombudsman and I loved it so much I decided to start a blog to pass on the information I have gained and continue to gain through this service.  The goal of my blog is bring my readers tips and resources for everyday military life.  I feel as though knowledge is power and we military spouses need to have a lot to survive this life!
Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all the milspouses wearing suits of armor while sipping wine!!
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2 Responses to Military Spouse Appreciation Day Blog Hop

  1. Anastasia says:

    Hi there, coming by from the blog hop. It looks like your link over there might need a tweaking though, I think your “:” is after your”//” instead of before, but I figured out how to get here easily enough.

    Happy Milspouse Appreciation Day and Mothers day to you. Thanks for putting together some resources for us milspouses!

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