Welcome to Tips From The Homefront!  This blog will center around the life of a military family from the view of a military spouse. It will focus on providing useful information in the format of “tips” while being light hearted and hopefully funny.  My goal is to have my followers relate to me and learn new things about military life, by providing resources and most importantly support.   I want you, the follower, to feel comfortable commenting on your own personal experiences and sharing your own resources that you find the most useful.  This blog most importantly, above all else is a place for military spouses to seek support!

Today is only a small introduction to the blog.  In the following weeks and months and hopefully years; you will learn about myself and my family and the adventures we have had and will continue to have as a military family over the course of this blog.   Again, welcome and look forward to the next blog to be posted on Friday, January 27th.


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